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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question or query that isn’t answered here, please feel free to get in touch either by phone on 0117 290 9009 or here

If I place a booking with you, what happens next?
You will receive an automated email receipt immediately afterwards showing details of your booking. We will also be in touch just to check whether you have any questions. We will keep you up to date with what is going on with us in the months prior to the race. About one week before you are set to arrive we will send you an email containing lots of info such as contact phone numbers, maps, general info etc. Of course, if you have any questions at all at any time then do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.
Why is there a damage/security deposit?

Our tents are expensive beasts and on very rare occasions they do get damaged so this is just to protect our investments. Rest assured that as long as everything is okay, we shall quickly return your deposit to you within a week of the event finishing. We will do so by the same means that you paid ie if you paid by card we will return the deposit to the same card.

Which nights does my rental include?

You generally have the choice of up to four nights: Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday. The minimum booking is for two nights.  We will be at our campsite on Race day, Qualifying, Practice and Pre-Practice night.

What if I want to stay just one night?

For a number of events you are very welcome to stay just for one night but our minimum booking is for two nights.

Will I be able to park my car next to my tent?

Yes – the only proviso if the ground is very muddy then we may have to have the vehicles in a separate parking area to stop the ground being churned up. You will still be able drop off all your belongings and your car will only be a stone’s throw away in a drier area.

What is this new 2-4 Person Standard Family Tent?

We have introduced this tent for 2024. It is partly based on feedback from guests who have young families. It provides them with a more affordable option than our standard 4/5 person tent which is designed more for a group of adults. Only a maximum of two adults are permitted in this tent. If there are any more than this then there will be an additional charge. Two adults can book this tent if they prefer this tent to our smaller 2 person standard tent.

We define a child as under 16 at the time of the event.

What about noise levels?

Guests on our specific intentsGP campsite area will be subject to a strict noise policy. Beyond 11pm our customers should quieten down. At Midnight and beyond, there should only be very low levels of noise thus allowing everyone to sleep. This will be strictly enforced.

My booking finishes on Race Day Morning. What happens re my car and belongings?

Your booking ends at 10am but you are very welcome to leave your car with us and collect it after the race. However you must clear your tent of all your property prior to leaving for the circuit. The reason is we shall want to dismantle and store your tent and will not be able to do so if you have not removed all your belongings. If you do not remove all your belongings, you will be charged an extra day’s hire.

When can we arrive at your campsite?

Your tent(s) will be ready for you from 3pm on the day of your booking. You are very welcome to arrive before then if it is more convenient to you. You can leave your vehicle(s) with us and have a cuppa in the clubhouse at Spa) to relax. Perhaps have a wander round the whole campsite to see what is going on or even take a stroll to the circuit.

What time is breakfast available?

7-10 non race days, 6-10 race day.

What about the icepacks?

They are available at Reception.

What if I find a problem with my tent when we arrive?

Let a member of staff know immediately and we will remedy the problem.

Will you be set up at the circuit or off site?

At the majority of circuits we use campsites that are within about 10-20 minutes walking distance of the circuit. This is purely because the facilities at the campsites we choose are vastly superior to those of the circuit owned campsites. If in doubt, phone us on 0117 290 9009 or contact us and we will explain the location of the campsite at your preferred track.

Is the cost of circuit entrance included?

No. The things included in our price to you are the hire of all the equipment, your campsite fee and your parking fee.

Do I pay for my own campsite ticket?

All camping fees are included in the cost of your tent BUT remember entrance to the circuit is NOT included so you do need to book this yourself.

Are tent prices dependent on the number of campers?

No. The price of each tent is fixed irrespective of how full it is. Any “per person” prices quoted are based on each tent being at full occupancy.

How do I find you?

The full details of the circuit location are available on our website. We will send you an email about a week before you are set to arrive with lots of information and included in this will be a detailed map. You will also be given a contact telephone number for the intentsGP team, who will be at the circuit long before you get there. If you get into any difficulties, you will be able to call this person for help or clarification on location details.

Do you sell food/is there a shop on site?

Breakfast is included in your package and we can also provide hot and tasty evening meals at very competitive prices. For the Belgian F1GP, there won’t be any grocery outlets on site but there are grocery stores, bars, cafes and restaurants in all the surrounding towns.

Can we cook our own food?

You can bring your own BBQs as long as they are off the grass and positioned at least 15 metres away from the tents.

You are not permitted to use your own BBQs at the Belgian F1GP and the Isle of Man TT. This is stipulated by the campsites we use.

Do you sell alcohol?

For the Belgian F1 Grand Prix, we shall be selling alcohol in the clubhouse bar.

Is there power in the tent?

Not at Spa but there is power available via charging lockers for you to recharge your devices. The lockers are in the clubhouse at Spa.

In our guest email we recommend you bring a small padlock to secure your locker whilst charging but insist that you remove it when not in use,

Should I bring bedding?

In our standard tents, we provide pillows and beds but do not provide bedding as standard (unless you have booked glamping) as we know that everyone is quite particular about what they want. We do have duvets and sheets available for hire if you wish. In our glamping packages all bedding is provided. We do have extra blankets available but you can always bring your own if you prefer.

Are there hair dryers/power sockets in the bathrooms?


Are there cash points at the campsite?

For the Belgian F1GP, there are cashpoints in the local towns but not on our campsite.

Sarah Ashton, UK 2023

What a team IntentsGP are. Amazing service from start to finish and would recommended them to everyone. They sent emails before my stay with more info than I ever could’ve imagined, an email the day before my arrival to say the rain was horrid and to bring more supplies, bottle of fizz on arrival (winner!!), friendly staff throughout who couldn’t do enough for you, fab location to get to the circuit, great bathroom facilities and a boss catering company too!
10 out of 10 👏🏼
Sarah from the UK

Joe Moore, UK 2023

We managed to book with IntentsGP after our other provider went bust.

Great information booklet with lots of handy tips within it was enailed before setting off.

We were greeted on site with a welcome beer and knowledgable staff who gave us pointers for getting to the track.

Rain was an issue but instead of leaving us to our own devices they have went above and beyond to make sure walkways were sorted out with woodchips.

Would highly recommend